• Fresh Strawberry Chocolate Harvest Pie

    A flaky pie crust filled with dark chocolate ganache, a layer of glazed strawberries and our signature strawberry mousse. Topped with fresh whipped cream. - Whole $11.99, Slice $3.69

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    Fresh Strawberry Chocolate Harvest Pie
  • Fresh Strawberry Pie

    Fresh Strawberry Pie

    Fresh glazed strawberries piled high in a fresh-baked pie shell, then topped with whipped cream. - Whole $12.99, Slice $3.99

  • Fresh Strawberry Cheese Pie

    Fresh Strawberry Cheese Pie

    Our signature cream cheese pie atop a fresh-baked graham cracker crust topped with fresh glazed strawberries and whipped cream. - Whole $11.99, Slice $3.99

  • Banana Cream

    Banana Cream

    Fresh bananas are sliced and layered with a fresh vanilla cream filling, topped with whipped cream and lightly toasted walnuts, all in a flaky pie crust. - Whole $7.99, Slice $3.69

  • Apple


    Tart and sweet apples are dusted with sugar and cinnamon and baked until bubbly. - Whole $9.99, Slice $3.49

  • Berry


    Nothing says sweet, tart and gooey like our hard to resist berry pie. - Whole $11.99, Slice $3.99

  • Cherry


    Loaded with juicy cherries and packed with flavor in a flaky double crust. - Whole $11.99, Slice $3.99

  • No-Sugar-Added Apple

    No-Sugar-Added Apple

    Flavorful apples tossed with cinnamon and baked between two layers of delicious, flaky crust.  - Whole $9.99, Slice $3.49

  • Dutch Apple

    Dutch Apple

    Sugar and cinnamon-tossed apple slices are baked to perfection beneath a sweet, golden, crumbly topping. - Whole $9.99, Slice $3.49

  • Coconut Cream

    Coconut Cream

    Fluffy coconut cream filling topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with toasted coconut. - Whole $10.99, Slice $3.69

  • Chocolate Cream

    Chocolate Cream

    Creamy chocolate perfectly matched with sweet whipped cream and chocolate curls. - Whole $10.99, Slice $3.69

  • Lemon Meringue

    Lemon Meringue

    Sweet and tart lemon filling topped with a light meringue topping in a flaky pastry crust. - Whole $10.99, Slice $3.69

  • Pecan


    Fancy pecans are blended in a rich buttery filling and baked to sweet perfection. - Whole $12.69, Slice $3.99


    Signature Cheese

    Filled with rich cream cheese in a freshly-baked graham cracker crust. - Whole $11.99, Slice $3.69


    Coco's Sundae

    Two big scoops of ice cream covered with chocolate sauce, whipped topping, chopped walnuts and a cherry.


    Ice Cream

    Hand-scooped Vanilla ice cream.